APPCRO BMS Manager is a comprehensive and modern GDPR Cloud solution that helps your organization permanently comply with the GDPR regulative and simplifies the management of personal data.


GDPR Compliance

The solution has been designed and implemented in accordance with the areas and requirements of the GDPR Regulation with the aim of achieving the GDPR Regulation in practice.

Composive management

The system provides advanced records of personal data, protection measures, risk assessment (DPIA), subjects, consents, requests and data processing.

Comprehensive Overview

Clear and accurate records make it possible to easily explain the use of personal data in case of data subject requests or regulatory oversight.

Cloud/On-Premise Solution

The system is widely available in the Cloud version of the Microsoft Azure platform or can be installed as on-premise solution in the existing infrastructure.


Flexible architecture

The system easily adjusts to user needs and easily integrates with other systems. It is also adjusted for Data controllers and Data processors; for small, medium and large organizations.

Possibility of Integration

There is a possibility of integration with other systems for automation of the records process and work with data subjects, consents, requests and data processing.

APPCRO GDPR Manager is developed on the basis of our award-winning APPCRO BMS platform that includes a range of systems, solutions and tools for collaboration, communication and management of a complete organization. APPCRO BMS received the award on October 25, 2017. in Bruxelles in the category "Best Business Process as a Service Suite" !

The system encompasses a wide range of functionalities important for quality compliance and personal data protection of respondents in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR Regulation.

The system contains overview of consents for processing purposes, collecting consents, expiration tracking and consent withdrawal.


System contains overview of data subject rights and requests in compliance with GDPR. Every request is possible to precisely define to data subject.



Through the system it is possible to record data breaches and send data breaches reports to the data subjects and the regulator. 


The system supports the creation and adjustment of the personal data processing purpose based on lawful basis.

Processing activity is defined based on data processing and allows users to keep track of the data subjects involved in the processing.

In case of sensitive data and data processing it is possible to do data protection impact assessment and observe the final score.

Through the system it is possible to define data subject categories. Within every data subject category, it is possible to define structure of data categories and data types.



System supports data subject creation. It is possible to see consents, requests, data processing, data breaches related to every data subject.

Except Data subject personal data it is possible to define documents which contains internal personal data.

Through Access login overview it is possible to record which user has accessed to which personal information.


System supports the definition of electronic and non-electronic data storages.

The system includes overview of the Data forms through which personal data is collected.


The system supports overview of all Data sharing and Contracts sharing about personal data.

The system includes overview of different internal policies and documentation in relation to personal data protection.



The system contains reporting component for generating GDPR reports.

With all the above, it includes 50+ more useful platform tools such as: Collaboration Management, Task Management, E-mail tracking and processing, Event and Calendar Management, SMS and E-mail notifications, chronological Activity tracking, Chat, Graphical views, Multi DMS storage system, Reminders, etc.